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Submitted on
August 12


This room is dimly lit. The dark, rotting floorboards creak at even the slightest motion. Desks and chairs are haphazardly strewn everywhere in the shadowy room. In fact, the clutter just so happens to block the passage between the north and south halves of the room. The hungrily gaping holes don't make things any easier, either. On the west side of the room, there are two doors. One in the north half, one in the south. Both lead to the hallway.
The south half of the room appears to be where a class would've sat, while the north half houses the teacher's pedestal and a chalkboard. A cabinet blocks another set of doors, which seem to be affixed to the wall as a tantalizing decoration. The tall windows aren't much better; they won't break, open, or even budge.
This is the first place in the hell known as Heavenly Host Elementary School that new victims will see. In other words, start here.

You may access Main Building 2F- West Hall from here.

Make sure (living and npcs) to RP under the proper space number, which will be assigned individually to each character by an admin on your character sheet. Ghosts may hop between spaces and shuffle people around at will.
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